Ecuadorian roses, world-renowned for their unparalleled beauty, vibrant colors, and exceptional durability, are appreciated worldwide. Join us as we explore what makes these roses so special and how they have become a symbol of quality and excellence in the floral industry.

Size and Durability

Ecuadorian roses are known for their long, robust stems, which can reach up to 35 inches in height. Additionally, their flower buds are large and perfectly shaped, with petals that open slowly, extending the flower’s lifespan.

Variety of Colors

Ecuador produces an impressive range of colors in its roses, from classic reds and whites to more exotic shades like blue and black. This diversity allows for a wide variety of tastes and needs to be met in the global market.

Distinctive Fragrance

Many varieties of Ecuadorian roses are not only visually stunning but also possess delightful fragrances that enhance the sensory experience.